About Me

Hello! I'm Rushabh Mehta, a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, where I received my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I just completed a full-time internship at Metron, Inc working under Dr. Jeffrey Silver on stochastic decision problems and inference. Previously, I was a research assistant to Dr. William Morse on the muon g-2 project.

I'm deeply interested in feedback mechanisms and other dynamic approaches to modeling large systems. Through my work consulting for the Bureau of Economic Analysis, I studied iterative approximation algorithms and developing new algorithms with human feedback mechanisms not dependent on iteration. Recently, I've taken an interest in tracking algorithms, and looking at ways to avoid hard failures in backpropagation.

I also just enjoy learning mathematics for fun! I just finished a study of Kreyszig's Introductory Functional Analysis and am currently working on studying Algebraic Geometry. I'm also an active member of the Art of Problem Solving community and math.stackexchange.

Outside of academics, I enjoy playing all kinds of sports (especially tennis and ping-pong) and chess, and love cooking!

Here's a sneak peak of what you might expect from this site:


On this site, you'll find notes on subjects I've been studying, with accompanying proofs, explanations, and solutions to ideas, theorems, and problems that are challenging.


You'll also find resources that I've found useful in doing math, including computational engines for mathematics and writing software.


You may also be interested in my blog, where I share my latest feats in the kitchen, rant about how PHP sucks, and share fun puzzles I've made. Come check it out!