Unfortunately, the majority of my work has been for the government or national labs, which have strict policies when it comes to publication of results. These are some of the papers I'm allowed to share.


Data Exploration and Analysis: an example from BEA's IT experience
with Benjamin D. Cowan for the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Manuscript confidential.

Discovering flaws in secondary suppression - a linear algebra-based approach
with David Rozenshtein for the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Manuscript confidential.

Galois Groups and the fundamental group
with Chloe Avery and Peter May. [Working PDF].

Exact radial closed orbit distortion with E821 β-function
with William Morse, Eric Metodiev. [Working PDF]

Improving Hadoop resource allocation on query resolution
with Anshul Gandhi. Manuscript confidential.


Abandoned questions from MMATHs question writing
[Working PDF].

These problems were written as a proposal for a new variant of multiple choice problems for the 2019 MMATHs competition. The section was eventually rejected and the questions abandoned.

A statistical analysis of funding allocation to charter schools in the Chicago Public School system
with Vicky Chen. This project was part of a larger sociology project on part of UChicago into the workings of the Chicago Public School System